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Academic Calendar (all terms are 8 weeks)  

General English Levels 1 to 10  
Evening Classes, 6.5 weeks, 80 hours, Sunday to Wednesday R.O. 210.000
4:30 pm to 7:30pm  
12th October - 25th November  2014  


                                                                         IELTS Courses  
IELTS Practice Exam  
Includes Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Modules R.O.10.000
Every Thursday (3.5hrs)  
3:00 - 6:30 pm   


IELTS Preparation - An intensive Course focussing on all skills  
8 weeks (96 hrs)  Evening Classes R.O. 230.000
4:30 -7:30 pm, Sunday to Wednesday
IELTS Test Builder Exam Strategies and Practices
2 weeks ( 30 hrs) R.O. 100.000
4:30 - 7:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday


Placement testing 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (Sunday – Thursday)
OMR 5 /- for Placemnet Testing

Hawthorn English Language Centre, Al Qurum Branch. PO Box 409 Muscat 100.
Telephone: 24563510  Fax: 24563590
Email: language@omantel.net.om


Here is some important information about our administrative procedures:
Registration for private students.
Our staff will be able to explain terms and conditions. As our courses are popular you are strongly advised to register as soon as possible.
Registration for sponsored students.
If your company or ministry plans to sponsor you, you should speak to your manager or training department and ask them to fax a letter to our centre (2456 3590 ). The letter should state your name, level and preferred class time.
Please note that once the course has started, there will be no refunds. This policy is stated in a notice on display at reception.
If you have any questions, please call us on 24 563 510. We are here to help you.


At Hawthorn we are committed to improving English communication skills through both general English classes and through the medium of business-related courses. As business in the Sultanate is often conducted through English, it is important that we provide courses that relate to the work place skills needed by our students. To this end, we have prepared a portfolio of courses that focus on English through the soft skills needed to manage in the daily working environment. Below is the list of courses that Hawthorn can currently offer, but we are flexible enough to be able to design courses to meet specific company needs.
Presentation Skills
Negotiation skills
Business writing including note-taking, minutes and emails
Report writing
Proposal writing
Social English in a Business context
Specialist vocabulary for your area
Cross Cultural Awareness
Brush up your Business English
To suit individual client needs, any of these courses can be combined. Hours and course duration is flexible. One-on-one courses can also be provided.
IELTS Test Builder-Exam Preparation and Practice
2 week course: 30 hours
This is not a language course. It is a short course to give students strategies and practice in answering the particular kinds of questions and tasks set in the IELTS test. Even a person with excellent English would find it difficult to score well in the IELTS test without knowing what to expect and having strategies for completing the different types of tasks.
You teacher will help you to approach the examination with the best possible.
preparation for the reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks.
The course includes mock IELTS tests and practice interviews for the speaking module.
Strategies and Skills needed for:
Listening :
Reading :
Skimming & Scanning Exercises
Speed Reading exercises
Short Reading tests
Writing :
Task 1 questions:
Describing graphs/trends and processes
Task 2 questions:
Essay planning
Writing a balanced argument
Speaking :
Role play/functional language
  Practice exam papers for Writing and Reading
  Practice interviews for Speaking test
  Formalities required for filling out the IELTS answer sheets
IELTS Preparation: Semi-Intensive
Course Aims and Objectives
To develop students` levels of English in the areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening in order to assist them in achieving the best possible IELTS result.
Skills Covered
Sentence structure for description, cause and effect, chronology
Paragraph structure
Essay structure for opinions, comparison and contrast, arguments
Paraphrasing and summarizing
Understanding graphs and charts
Relative clauses
Passive voice
Reading and Listening
Skimming and scanning (reading only)
For details and for main ideas
For prediction
For inference - reading between lines
Vocabulary acquisition
Expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, expressing surprise and shock,
prioritizing, giving a two minute talk
Discussion techniques
IELTS Preparation
Practice IELTS questions
Mock test
Strategies and familiarization with IELTS exam format
Skills required for efficient reading, listening, writing and speaking
Regular assignments/tests and class participation will be assessed. A mock IELTS test will be held at the end of the course. A report and certificate will be issued at the completion of the course. The course will be based on weekly themes: space, environment, interpersonal intelligences, career, crime and punishment, globalization, alternative medicine, technology, computing, advertising.
Hawthorn Levels of General English
LEVEL 1 (Starter I)
LEVEL 2 (Starter II)
LEVEL 3 (Elementary I)
LEVEL 4 (Elementary II)
LEVEL 5 (Pre-Intermediate I)
LEVEL 6 (Pre-Intermediate II)
LEVEL 7 (Intermediate I)
LEVEL 8 (Intermediate II)
LEVEL 9 (Upper-Intermediate I)*
LEVEL 10 (Upper-Intermediate II)*
LEVEL 11 (Advanced)*
LEVEL 12 (High-Fliers)*
* Students often go to Academic English or IELTS Preparation at this level, if they plan to go to university or college.You must pass an entry test or pass Intermediate I to take these courses.


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