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 IELTS Essentials


 Who accepts IELTS?


What is IELTS ?

IELTS-the International English Language Testing System – serves educational institutions, governments, professional bodies and commercial organisations around the world.

You can choose from two types of IELTS test: Academic or General Training, depending on whether you want to study, work or migrate. Both modules are made up of four parts – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. IELTS results are graded on the unique IELTS 9-band scale.
You can trust the quality and security of IELTS because it is managed by three reputable, international organisations:IDP: IELTS Australia, British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment.
How to prepare for the IELTS ?
Hawthorn Muscat– One stop shop for IELTS Preparation Courses and Test
In addition to the General English programs provided by Hawthorn Muscat, we also specialise in IELTS Preparation courses. Students on these courses are preparing for study in countries such as Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany and the US or are planning to migrate to an English speaking country where an IELTS score is part of the application process.
There are three courses available: Intensive IELTS Preparation, Semi-Intensive IELTS Preparation & IELTS Testbuilder. For more detailed information on these programs, please contact our Centre.
We are also an IELTS Testing Centre, which makes it easy for those who have completed the course with us to enroll for the IELTS at the same time.
What does the IELTS involve?
Academic –The Academic module is for those who wish to study undergraduate or postgraduate levels and for those seeking professional registration.
General Training –The General Training module is for candidates wishing to migrate to an English speaking country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK), and for those wishing to train or study at below degree level.
Both Academic and General training candidates take the same Listening and Speaking modules but different Reading and Writing modules.
IELTS Test Format
How is IELTS marked?
IELTS has a rigorous, quality-assured system for marking every IELTS test. Marking is carried out by trained examiners who follow standardised guidelines.
The IELTS 9-band scale-Each band corresponds to a level of English competence. All parts of the test and the Overall Band Score can be reported in whole and half bands, eg 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0.
Band 9 Expert user
Band 8 Very good user
Band 7 Very good user
Band 6 Competent user
Band 5 Modest user
Band 4 Limited user
Band 3 Extremely limited user
Band 2 Intermittent user
Band 1 Non-user
Band 0 Did not attempt the test
IELTS Test Report Form (TRF)
Test Report Forms are released 13 days after the test. You can also view your results online after 13 days of the test by visiting this link https://results.ielts.org/ 
Test Report Forms are valid for two years. They have inbuilt security measures and cannot be copied.
Receiving institutions can also access a database to double-check results.





IELTS Test Fee :  RO 82.000
Registration      : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
                               Sunday to Thursday


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